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IoT and iTV for interconnection, Monitoring, and Automation of common Areas of Residents (2017)
Gas sensors measurements during the initial action period of duty-cycling for power savings (2017)
Diagnosing breast masses using ICA and non-image features
Universal behavior of crystalline membranes: Crumpling transition and Poisson ratio of the... (2016)
Application of the new Monte Carlo code AlfaMC to the calibration of alpha ... (2015)
An Internet of Things Example: Classrooms Access Control over Near Field Communication (2014)
Improving Short Term Instability for Quantitative Analyses with Portable Electronic Noses (2014)
A compact and low cost electronic nose for aroma detection (2013)
Acetic Acid Detection Threshold in Synthetic Wine Samples of a Portable Electronic Nose (2013)
Study of the effect of breast tissue density on detection of masses in mammograms (2013)
Consistent performance measurement of a system to detect masses in mammograms based ... (2013)
Independent Component Analysis to Detect Clustered Microcalcification Breast Cancers (2012)
Image Analysis Applied to Morphological Assessment in Bovine Livestock (2011)
A morphological assessment system for 'show quality' bovine livestock based on image analysis (2011)
Comparing Feature Extraction Techniques and Classifiers in the Handwritten Letters ... (2010)
Effect of BI-RADS Assessment in Improving CAD of Masses (2010)
ICA applied to microcalcification clusters CAD in mammograms (CL)(2009)
Wine classification with gas sensors combined with Independent Component Analysis and ... (2009)
Using GAs to Obtain an Optimal Set of Codes for an Ultrasonic Local Positioning System (2007)
A Method for Interactive Shape Detection in Cattle Images Using Genetic Algorithms (2007)
Independent Component Analysis Applied to the Detection of Early Breast Cancer Signs (2007)
Parallel genetic algorithm for alpha spectra fitting (2005)
Selective Color Edge Detector Based on a Neural Classifier (2005)
ICA and GA Feature Extraction and Selection for Cloud Classification (2005)
Application of repeated GA to deformable template matching in cattle images (2004)
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